Medical App

An example of a medical application we have developed to simplify the communication between patients and medical staff.

The challenge

There're a lot of Asia and Eastern Europe-born patients in Germany. In this case, an interpreter helps to interact with them. Our target was to reduce the interpreter's involvement and reduce costs to make medical tourism to Germany more accessible. Because we fully understand, that the diagnostic and treatment process is too important to be automated by the mobile app, we decided to improve domestic communication. We also had to take in a record the limited possibilities of patients during hospitalization, as well as not high enough level of immersion in modern technologies.

The solution

We have developed a cross-platform mobile application (PWA), which contains a full list of possible patient requests to the medical staff, also made as a straightforward interface for use as possible, and introduced the ability to control the voice system in more than 10 languages if the patient's movements are limited. That allows the patient to communicate easily with the doctors or nurses without any problems.

Core functionality

Cross-platform (PWA)
The progressive web application is installed on tablets purchased by the clinic, but it is also possible to install it on the patient's device, for more convenience, whether it is Android or iOS.
Voice control
The application can be launched with a voice command and all the necessary actions can be performed without any clicks. This has greatly simplified the user's interaction with the service.
The application works with the most common languages spoken in German medical tourism, which excludes the need for an interpreter in domestic matters and reduces the cost of such service.
Analysis of collected data
The system collects all the data about patients' requests, and also records the response time and other related data, the analysis of which will help to optimize further clinic's work.
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