ERP system for a government company

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The challenge

The architectural technical audition enterprise requested the implementation of ERP software to make accounting and procedure automation provided in one web application. Also, the acceleration of order processing was required. So we had to understand all the procedures of the company, identify strengths and weaknesses (bottlenecks) while making them more transparent and efficient. It was important to merge all the departments into one coherent structure that could react quickly to changes. And to allow the management to get all the necessary information in real-time, which would allow them to make decisions faster and more accurately. Another important part of the task was to make a system that might be easily understood by the user of any level of PC use. An additional complication was having by the company many subsidiaries in different cities of the country, that must constantly adjust their activities with the central office.

The solution

After detailed research of every process, detecting every bottleneck, determining the peculiarity of every employee of the company, as well as a detailed collection of requirements from management, an ERP system was developed. It comprised all tasks related to the company's operation, as well as synchronization with the accounting module and the resource for data exchange with customers. Employees of the company withdrew any additional software, except for professional engineering programs. All communication within customers and employees, document flow, reporting, cloud file storages, analytics, postal services, as well as order value calculations were combined into one system and became maximally optimized for the activity of a particular company. While using the new system the speed of order processing increased by 17% and was almost eliminated one of the departments of the company, engaged in the execution of standard documents.

Core functionality

Automatic order value calculation system
The company had employees who were responsible solely for calculating the value of each order. The cost depends on a large number of parameters specified in the engineering documentation, speed of work, type of company and many others. We managed to transfer this algorithm into the code and automate this process, which made evaluators being irrelevant within the company.
Logging and performance measurement system for employees
Because a lot of documentation types increase a mistake chance, that can be considerably tough to track. Every action in the system is recorded so that the administration can foresee the wrong actions or trace who made the mistake. Also, logging of all actions enables you to track the capability of employees and time spent on work.
Built-in document template engine and automatic document generation
A large number of orders signaled the need to automate the formation of contracts and related documents. Now, depending on many factors, the system selects the most appropriate type of contract, substitutes the necessary data about the order and the customer and generates all the documentation, which can be easily downloaded or immediately sent to the customer for consideration.
Built-in archive with order documentation
A huge amount of accompanying legal and engineering documentation has prompted us to make internal storage for each order with a simple and convenient system of work with the main file formats. Now employees never lose documents, they can easily and quickly share, view and edit them.
Service for fast documentation exchange with customers
To avoid clutter in email messages with clients and the use of third-party file-sharing services was developed a fast file exchange service between the client and the company. It is synchronized with the internal file sharing service and provides you with a quick exchange of information among customers and other designers without using third-party systems.
Synchronization of finances with the accounting system in real-time
The company has quite complex financial processes and staff of accountants who serve it all. Before the system was created, they had to manually collect data from other departments and consolidate it with bank payments. Now the system enters into the system all potential payments in real-time and forms the most of the documents connected with their carrying out.
Flexible access rights system for users and branches
We realized that over time, the roles of employees and many processes in the company will be transformed. So we created a flexible system of those and access rights that allows the manager to create unique access rights if required.
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