ERP software for SPG

An example of an ERP system we have developed for the postal company SPG. We can help you with the automatization process, using our experience.

The challenge

The specifics of the postal services area requires the presence of many partner companies at each stage of the parcel's journey, as well as a large number of procedures related to the exchange of information with the customs systems of different countries. Despite a large number of such solutions on the market, the specifics of working with Ukraine led to the client's decision to implement the system, sharpened exclusively for the needs of his company. An important aspect of the system is its internationality, as well as the ability to work comfortably in countries with slow Internet connections. For the management of the enterprise, it was very important to get information about the main indicators of the company and emergencies in real-time to have a complete picture of the following occurs.

The solution

After detailed research of all business processes, an ERP system was developed, which features modularity and flexibility in terms of connecting different customs API and API of partner companies. The system was established in view of the fact that the company's employees have a different level of experience with PCs, speak different languages and are responsible for individual processes. All procedures in the company are now unified and conducted through one system, regardless of the country, language and speed of the Internet. The system is also synchronized with the website and personal account of the company's clients, which allows to automatically receive and place orders, notify clients about promotions, goods arrived and changes in the enterprise.

Core functionality

API request template
A large number of customs and partner APIs have essentially the same functions but implemented slightly differently. We have identified the main functions, data, and properties for such requests and created a universal template engine that allows you to create and correct API requests without the intervention of the developer.
Flexible multi-language capability
The "Languages" module allows you to translate all the entities and names in the system into the desired language, and also takes into account the ability to transform the interface from right to left and vice versa. Now branch managers can create their localization and name the entities in the most convenient way for them.
Template of customs declarations and related documents
As with the API, documents have almost the same data, but different shapes. That's why we've created a module that allows you to load document templates of different shapes and pull the necessary data out of the system. Now managers do not need to prepare documents manually, as the system selects the desired form of the document and fills it with data on parcels by itself.
Flexible notification system
Working with customer alerts is one of the important parts of the system, as the main value of the company: always do so that the customer was calm for his cargo. That's why we have developed a flexible customer notification module that works with major messengers and SMS. The main feature of the system is the ability to configure automatic alerts at different stages of the parcel route, as well as to form different user groups. This functionality allows you to personalize alerts and maintain excellent relations with customers.
Flexible system of access rights, branches, and partner companies
Over time, business processes are transformed, branches are added, and partner companies have different terms of cooperation. In this regard, we have created a fully customizable system of access rights and user roles, allowing management to provide employees and partners with only the system features they need.
Customizable statistics in real-time
A postal company is a complex process enterprise that can only be effectively controlled by having all the key performance indicators in real-time. The CEO of the enterprise can learn everything that is happening in the company at any time from any device, as well as compare the current figures with the past.
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