Cryptocurrency exchange system

An example of the cryptocurrency exchange system with a simple but functional interface.

The challenge

The task was to develop a service that would allow the exchange of one cryptocurrency to another with the help of several cryptocurrency exchanges in the briefest time. It was important to create a reliable system that would be stable and error-free with a large number of third-party services (cryptocurrency exchanges).

The solution

We have conducted research that has allowed us to determine the exact algorithms of working with different software. We’ve developed a service that provided the most accurate calculations, allowing us to make a profitable exchange, even taking into account the high volatility of the rate. The interface of the exchange system was made for the most simple and clear use, as the main purpose of the project was to popularize the cryptocurrencies, which implied not a high level of users' immersion in the cryptographic industry.

Core functionality

Ease to use
No registration was required to use this service. And the interface was designed in such a way that the user always understand which stage of the process of exchange is and what to expect next.
High accuracy
The user immediately sees the approximate exchange figures, without unnecessary calculations and guesswork.
The level of the commission has always been at an optimal level for service earning and comfort of the client, thanks to our balancing algorithms.
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