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Thanos Wallet

Wallet for Tezos blockchain as a Web Extension for your Browser.

Thanos Wallet

Wallet for Tezos blockchain as a Web Extension for your Browser.


We provide a full range of IT services with different levels of customer involvement


Discovery phase is where you undertake all the research you need in order to fully scope and plan your entire digital project. The discovery phase aims to gain a detailed understanding of stakeholders’ and the end customers’ vision in order to come up with a better performing product.

R&D and technology innovation

We assemble R&D teams for our clients to co-build Blockchain products.

Blockchain and Infrastructure solutions

Madfish can help your business build standard/full custom blockchain solutions or create and endorse infrastructure like wallets, explorers, etc.

Software engineering

High-quality software solutions that will bring you tangible results. Let’s talk about your goal.

Hardware Engineering

Engaging our qualified partners we can help unite the software and hardware solutions into synergy. FPGA, Servers cooling systems, energy storage - everything that you want.

Technology consulting

Are you looking for someone to help with innovations in your bussines? Benefit from 3 years of technical excellence and let us be your secret weapon when it comes to innovative technologies.

PoC Development

Safely explore business-boosting concepts before taking them to market – with robust testing, project predictions and expert roadmapping.

Super Care

Flawlessly manage technical issues and periods of systems change while keeping your core team focused on the project, with advanced IT support and maintenance services.


Industries & Technologies

An example of the cryptocurrency payment system gateway we developed

MadFish experienced In:

Smart Contracts

DApp/DeFi Solutions


Blockchain Solutions

Custom CRM/ERP

Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions


Cryptocurrencies Payment Systems

Game theory/Economic analysis


An example of the cryptocurrency payment system gateway we developed


Portfolio that speak!

Thanos Wallet

Wallet for Tezos blockchain as Web Extension for your Browser.

Decentralize Exchange on Tezos blockchain

QuipuSwap is a Uniswap inspired decentralized exchange on Tezos blockchain.

Solidity to Ligo transpiler

This project is Solidity to LIGO syntax converter and transpiler. It takes a .sol file as an input, parses it and yields PascalLIGO code as a result.

Dedicated mining dashboard

Imagine if you can build a Digital Ocean for mining equipment - yes, this service does it!

Check out ourOpen-Source projectsor


Let us be your secret weapon when it comes to innovative technologies

"We collaborated for Madfish for several years working on the distributed computing project, where he both acted as a co-investor and was involved into day-to-day software development management. He is one of the best in his field and is always willing to share best practices. His industry knowledge helped us to find more efficient way of software implementation, minimize expenses and improve the planning. He is also very responsible and detail-oriented, qualities that make him stand out. I loved working in the same project and I recommend to use services of his company.


We do not only consult, design & engineer successful software solutions, but we are also the mad enthusiasts who love challenges and hackathons

First Place with the "Decentralized Internet (Mesh Network)" project.
First Place with "ASIC resistance algo" project which use in render algos as a hash functions.
First place with "Compiler from Solidity to NearProtocol language" project.
Winners in "Soe Golf" and "Best Dapp" with projects: "Shortest blockchain " and " The Game on Tron".
First and Third place with "Solidity to Ligo compiler" and "Browser Extension wallet for Tezos" projects.

Vlad Horilyi

Business Developer

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